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Job: C&M Foreman A/B

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

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Jobing Description

Position Description:

  • Schedules, supervises, and coordinates the construction & maintenance of company facilities which include gas mains, services, regulator stations, large meter sets, and related systems. Inspects the work of company crews as well as contractors, to insure that facilities are being installed according to applicable specifications, codes, and regulations. Must be proficient in pipe joining procedures, both steel and plastic for Foreman A and plastic only for Foreman B. Performs leak investigations and subsequent repairs to company gas facilities. Directly supervises C&M crew.

  • Support all technical service functions and assist as necessary

  • Interprets construction drawings, for dimensions, angles, offsets, connections, and material specifications.  standards, and safety practices to insure that work conforms to specifications, regulations, and safety practices

    Essential Functions: [As defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, these include the following responsibilities, minimum job knowledge, skills, and abilities.  This is not necessarily an all-inclusive listing.]

    Position-Related Responsibilities:

  • Supervises new construction and maintenance activities, including installation, repair and relocation of mains, valves, services, regulator stations and large commercial and industrial meters. Oversees maintenance work in response to leak surveys or as otherwise requested by the Corrosion, Measurement and/or Customer Service departments.

  • Supervises effort to meet or exceed internal and external customer satisfaction. Fosters communication and teamwork in a diverse work environment and leads by example. Assists in developing and participates with company resources in programs relating to safety, public liaison, and emergency response.

  • Ensure work is in conformance and compliance with federal safety codes (DOT Part 192, 199), and state and local statutes and requirements. Complies codes and provides input to management to modify programs, as necessary, to meet pipeline safety compliance. Supervises programs to operate and maintain distribution facilities.

  • Keep abreast of internal requirements dealing with day-to-day operations. Responds and supervises,

  • Perform all types of pipe joining procedures including, Arc welding, P.E. electro-fusion, Oxy/Acetylene welding, solvent cement and mechanical joining, etc. (Type varies between a Foreman A or B)

  • Interprets construction drawings, operates gas detector to determine the presence, concentration and source of possible leaks in gas system. Excavates and repairs gas leaks on mains and services.

  • Fabrication and installation of meter sets, regulator stations, meter barricades, chain link fencing around regulator stations, etc.

  • Install, repair, and relocate gas mains and services.

  • Install anodes, rectifiers, and other appurtenances as required for corrosion control.

  • Perform periodic valve maintenance as required by emergency plan.

  • Conducts system surveillance and patrolling.

  • Monitor and maintain odorant stations.

  • Assures that trenches are properly braced to protect workers and to avoid damage to underground facilities.

  • Takes the necessary steps to provide for public and worker safety in emergency situations involving the uncontrolled escape of natural gas.

  • Ensures that vehicles, equipment and tools are properly maintained and serviced per DOT FWHA requirements.

  • Complete and review all associated paperwork and documents regarding pipeline installation.

  • Operate a variety of job related equipment including, jackhammer, compactor, holiday detector, line locator, backhoe, tapping & stopping equip., CGI and Flame Pak, welding machine, forklift, Scott Air Pak, pipe beveling machine, boring equip., P.E. electro-fusion equipment, grinders, two-way radio, etc.

    Management Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the Company’s management principles, policies and programs are consistently practiced and continually support the Affirmative Action Plan.

  • Comply with and administer the terms and conditions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement(s).


    Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Position requires 1-3 years of experience in the natural gas industry.

  • Must obtain and maintain all welding (API-1104) and pipe joining certifications as required (Multiple and appendix C).

  • Must possess a working knowledge of tapping equipment (TDW, Mueller), heavy equipment use, metering and regulation. Construction and maintenance practices in distribution systems and a general knowledge of maps, plans, construction, service, design and utility construction related functions.

  • Ability to understand and follow policies and procedures.

  • Must possess leadership skills that will lead a successful and diversified environment and the ability to respond to, supervise, and perform safety sensitive operational and maintenance emergency functions which might include receiving and acting upon emergency release of natural gas.

  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills. Good working knowledge of computer programs including Microsoft Word, Excel.

  • Knowledge of Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations (Part 199, 192) relating to natural gas industry. Ability to obtain knowledge and understanding of local municipal and state codes, regulations.

  • Valid AZ CDL drivers license

  • Will submit to Company pre-employment and DOT/RSPA and FWHA random drug testing as required.

  • Must be able to work in all types of adverse weather conditions.

  • At times must work in a blowing gas environment using SCBA equipment.

    Each employee who may be required to perform an operation, maintenance, or emergency-response function on a pipeline and/or pipeline facility shall be subject to pre-employment drug testing and then be placed in the company's DOT random testing pool and subject to all phases of DOT testing.  This requirement will remain in force even if the employee performing the "covered functions" and/or "safety-sensitive functions" could/would only perform this function one a week, month, or even once a year.

    All employees are expected and required to adhere to the Company Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct.

  • **Due to the requirements of the Kingman District, the successful applicant will be required to become a C&M Foreman A after appropriate schooling and training. **

  • Foreman B – Grade 05

  • Foreman A – Grade 06

  • Closes 2-27-18


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