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Etymology of Aardex:

"Out of the earth" – 17th century Dutch Aard = earth; Latin ex = out of

We are often asked about the meaning and significance of the Latin phrase in our logo: amicus humani generis. The English translation is, "A friend of the human race". We are committed to "best practices" that nurture a sustainable earth with prosperous inhabitants.

The three mountain peaks represent the three disciplines: Design, Construction, and Development.

The three peaks are enclosed in a circle to symbolize our integration of those three disciplines within one company.

Founded in 1983, Aardex Corporation is a nationwide, full service developer, general contractor, and property management firm.

User Effective - Rick Butler, founder and CEO, wrote the book on designing and building workplaces that promote human achievement. Our tenants experience gains in productivity exceeding 30%.

Vertically Integrated - Our vertical integration is a major differentiating factor between us and other developers. You will have a single point of contact at Aardex with accountability for the entire design and construction process. We have in-house expertise in contracting, design, financing, project management, and property management. The lessons learned from managing properties are applied in the development phase of new projects. By incorporating all these resources under one roof, we reduce the time and cost to develop workplaces. These efficiencies are reflected in our bids, often millions of dollars lower than the next one.

Sustainable Development - Our design and construction projects have focused on energy savings, a reduction in construction waste, cost efficient utility usage, environmentally-supportive building materials, and healthy indoor work environments. As an early adopter of the principles of "building green," Aardex is a major participant in the sustainability movement.

A recent Aardex project, for the U.S. Forest Service, has been registered for LEED™ certification.


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